What’s up with the delay Lord?

What's up with the delay Lord?

Then the Lord answered me through the clouds “well Liz I’m just preparing a perfect sky for you to fly through”

Due to unforeseen problems I was stucked working in the North for 19 days- they initially told me, I’ll be staying there for four days only (unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to the fine print “>>”).. Since my first flight was moved to this date, it’s my second attempt to go back to Shenzhen. They announce that there would be a delay again! During this time, I was grumbling deep inside, I wanna go back home now Lord! :(.. What’s up with the delay this time?

After 5hrs of waiting we finally boarded the plane. I smiled when I found out I’ll be sitting at the window seat! More amusing than that is that I don’t have anyone sitting beside me, considering the airplane was full.. A sigh of relief!!! I can relax now.

The plane flew, had slept for a few minutes. I woke and opened my window shade, then a vast, glorious and majestic cluster of clouds greeted my eyes. It was a sight to behold. That’s the time when I understood what the delay was for, the Lord was preparing a perfect sky for me. I previously heard a news a day before that there’s going to be a storm in the south and I thought that was causing the delay. — apparently the sky was PERFECT!!!

It was like the sweetest gift my Heavenly Father could give me. I stretched out my eyes to the farthest and felt how rich I was being the daughter of the one and only Creator!

I was seeing clouds form like a croissant ( i love bread!).. and figured I could spend my 3 hrs flight playing that cloud game! We usually play this game lifting our heads up to the sky, and It’s kinda refreshing to be playing this game looking from the top. I found a camel, a sheep, a tree, a monster, a cotton (hehe easy) it’s like a visual boggle!.. until I finally said.. I’ve ran out of creativity Lord! Who can match your creativity? But thank you so much for letting me experience this!

I’ve had a wonderful flight spent with You!.. -July 17, 2012

Bible verses to ponder:

  • for, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” 1 Corinthians 10:26
  • He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor. “For the foundations of the earth are the LORD’s; upon them he has set the world. – 1 Samuel 2:8

2 thoughts on “What’s up with the delay Lord?

  1. hehe..yes, you have to share, i actually looked for it and wondered if my browser was acting up…turned out you only have 2 posts as of this time. I’m glad you started organizing your blogs this way… You have so much to share, sis! Continue praising the LORD through your creations! 🙂

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