The calm after the storm


We spent 3 days in Boracay, and the sun set beautifully on the first day. My mother was shouting at me to take a photo. I knew that! Unfortunately I was inside the shower looking through the window. The sun rays burst into the sea beautifully. I know that given the situation I am in (hehehe) and how the sun is rapidly going down, it will be useless for me to run and take pictures.. “Oh I can take the sunset tomorrow!” I said to myself and immediately this verse rebuked me “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.-Proverbs 27:1-.. I smiled and said “Oh it couldn’t be that bad”.


The sun was no show, the second day.. and the third day.. our relatives from Kalibo texted my sister if we were ok, because the rain was pretty hard in the city. We told them we were fine and that the weather in Boracay was just overcast with scattered rain showers.. 😀

Anyway, when we went back to the city it rained hard that night and my hope of taking the sunrise has wavered. I said sorry to God for boasting about my tomorrow. I know He holds everything.

Me and my sister, woke up at 5am. There was a cool breeze from the rain last night and we wondered if ever the sun would rise today. So we walked towards the beach just to see.

Lo and behold! It was unfolding right before our very eyes!!! The Sun rises rapidly as if to only show, how faithful the Lord is! How majestic is His Creation. We were on the front seat!!! There was like an orchestra from the waves and an explosion of colors reflected from the sea, a visual picture, only the MASTER Painter Himself could ever deliver.

Again, I am humbled.. and again I am honored.




To end my blog, I want to share this video made by my sister. It’s a compilation of photos she got from her Facebook friends, of course with their permission. I was so blessed with this song “God of our yesterdays”, after sharing it with her. She immediately wanted to praise God with this video.. Indeed it is very appropriate to share this with you.. God bless!


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