Confessions of A Single Christian Female: Entry #1. Empty Words

 6Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. 

7Therefore do not be partners with them. -Ephesians 5

First let us not take this verse out of context. Paul writes about people who will deceive Believers from following Jesus Christ.

When I was reading this verse I smiled saying to myself “oh here it is again Liz, another criteria for finding a Godly man”

Don’t be partners with someone who will deceive you with empty words.

Being single, I love having silly banters with men (referring to “men” here according to my personal taste or else silly banters are just annoying).

I love intelligent, humurous flattery which obviously leads to nothing (hehehe) or lead to something destructive in the end.

A good example is, if a married guy comes to me and gives me promises and offers me love,

even though “oh it just feels real” I must remind myself that those are just empty words.

First of all those promises meant nothing since that guy made those promises to his wife in the presence of God.

Second, that guy will sway my belief from The Holy Bible’s teaching.

But for single guys be careful too, the truth is as a single woman, I could also sway some guy’s faith from God, if I deceive him with empty words.

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