Surprise! God Moves

Of course I will never forget the story of my first ever study Bible ( 2012).

This was given by my best friend on my birthday. So what’s the story behind this?

After our prayer and fasting week. The Lord moved me to give this Bible to a friend of mine.

After purchasing online, and having it delivered to our house, I opened it and touched it, flipped the pages and saw the photos.

My heart suddenly felt covetous and asked “Lord are you sure you want me to give this to my friend? You know I really want to have a study Bible” .. but the Lord somehow immediately answered. “Just give it and I will provide for you”, and it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t asked “really Lord?!” :).. (I consider that my love language to God).

By God’s grace I was able to give it to my friend. Giving it my friend was like a step of faith for me. Trusting God that He will provide for me, and trusting in Him not to make me look weird to my Christian friend who will be receiving this not so little and heavy bible. After having done the task the Lord asked me to do. I felt a lot happier, but that didn’t stop me from looking for a NIV Study Bible in the bookstore. Every time I’ll be holding one, something inside of me just say “didn’t the Lord tell you, He’ll provide for you?, you have to wait Liz”.

At that time, I was on a vacation in the Philippines and after going back to China (for work), I told myself “I should have bought that Bible.”

A few days have passed and I received a package from my best friend!! It’s the NIV Study Bible I’ve always wanted!  God has moved her heart to too, to give the Bible to me. It’s true that God has really something for me.

Being a long time Christian, I really thought that Study Bibles are only for pastors but because of my small group, I was really encouraged to learn more of God’s Word – and I love it!  There are always new things to learn about our relationship with Jesus.

God moves, so stay put and you’ll be surprised.

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