Overcoming The Winter Blues


The rain hasn’t stopped for two weeks now. Winter is officially in Shenzhen.

I felt happy this morning, but as the hours went by, the lack of sunshine, together with the physical and mental exhaustion just affected my mood.

I feel sad 😦 . Satan has somehow found a way to whisper into my brain sadness, despair, depression and discouragement. I rebuked it’s lies. and I felt better after that. After work, I watched a Korean Romantic Drama just to unwind and the show made me more sad and now I’m hearing lies about God’s character again.

I knew that I needed to ask God what’s wrong, to have a quiet time with Him, but I didn’t want to hear it. So to beat around the bush, I started to transfer old podcasts to an external hd, I saw the title “Overcoming Discouragement and Depression“. (Someone must be praying for me! Thank you!). I played the podcast. The message was last year, but the message is what I needed to hear at this time. Praise God!

To Overcome Depression by Pastor Peter Tanchi:

(the study is in Numbers 11, when the Israelites grumbled and Moses felt alone)

1. We must first identify the root of the problem. (This could be physical, geographical or the people around us)

2. Align ourselves with God.

23 The Lord answered Moses, “Is the Lord’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.” -Numbers 11-

a. We need to align to the truth/ the Word of God, because our feelings are unreliable.

b. Surrender our expectations to God.

c. It is God’s work not ours.

I personally liked when Pastor Tanchi’s wife shared her experience about depression because it is very possible that while we’re serving the Lord, we’ll feel depressed. The battle is in our mind. It is in indeed a spiritual battle.

3 thoughts on “Overcoming The Winter Blues

  1. Update! yesterday the sun peaked so brightly while on my way to the office after lunch break. It’s like saying, “ok child, I’ll make the sun shine for you, for a few minutes”..I really praise God! Even though the clouds build up again after a few minutes, I know the Lord’s humor is just to make me smile. :).. it really worked.. I love the Lord, He’s the best!

  2. I thank God for leading me to this post! The preaching about Overcoming Discouragement and Depression is just what I needed and just what we were talking about earlier, about being slaves to emotion. I love it how Sis Deonna said that depression is like a quick sand– the more you struggle to get out of it, the deeper you fall into it, and only God can take you out of it. Bless you abundantly, sister, for sharing God’s Word in these pages!

    (Sidenote: Sis Deonna mentioned that their wedding date is Aug 4, 1973. Lynard adn I were married same date in 2007… I pray someday we could have a double date with them. Oh and btw, Edric and Joy’s wedding anniv is July 22. very significant dates for me. wala lang. :D)

    • That’s wonderful to hear Joyful rider! Clearly the Holy Spirit lead you here. I actually forgot what I wrote about so I had to review what’s the blog all about, but God works mightily and has prepared this post in advance. May God feed you with His Word. God bless!

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