Life Application Bible Online

Can’t get enough of the Life Application Bible Kindle Edition. Here’s why and how:

First download the Kindle for PC or Mac in your computer.
(If you don’t have a kindle account yet, this is a software enables you to read books offline)
Upon your download, it will ask you a User name and Password, type in:
Here’s the exciting part. what to see in a kindle app – you will see all the purchased books in the library:
Click the Life Application Bible to Download:
Why is the Life Application Bible exciting:
On the left side you’ll see the contents, the Books in the Bible. Just click any book you like.
You can also adjust the text size by clicking the View Options.
Change the font size, background color according to your preference:
You can highlight verses.. but please refrain from putting notes.. as others might also read it. 🙂
Click on the highlighted verse number and it will bring you the Life Application Bible Study.
Click the highlighted numbers again to return to the Bible verse.
Get an Introduction on what the book is all about. Some historical background are also included.
Hope you all find this Life application exciting to read..
You can also download the Kindle app to any supported mobile device such as iphone/ipad/android phones.
Enjoy the presence of the Almighty!

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